The IsoDataTap is perfect for collecting samples from your installed 4-20mA sensors. Each of the 8 channels is independently and galvanically isolated up to 1000V. There is no need for additional expensive isolators, even when different channels have separate loop power supplies. Because of this built-in galvanic isolation, any channel can be inserted at any point in any loop. The IsoDataTap provides 16-bit samples at a sampling rate of 1 channel every 4 seconds, or all 8 channels every 30 seconds. The maximum voltage drop due to an IsoDataTap channel inserted into a loop is 1V. Industrial 3.5mm terminal blocks, provided with your purchase, are used to connect channels to the IsoDataTap. The IsoDataTap also includes mounting hardware for DIN rails or direct bolt-on attachment. The IsoDataTap connects to and is powered by the Cloud Data Logging Unit via USB.



The Cloud Data Logging Unit, which is based on proven industrial technologies, stores your samples locally and sends them to the cloud. Samples are collected via USB from the IsoDataTap or a GE AF-6 Series Drive [1] and sent to the cloud over a M2M cellular data connection.[2] To help make sure your data is never lost, the CloudDLU will buffer your data in the rare event that a cloud server is unavailable. Since the CloudDLU is always connected to the internet, all local parameters and data are available to you whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. The CloudDLU includes two 10 inch long antennas which must be mounted directly to the unit or near the unit.


[1]Data may be collected from and even sent to other USB devices.
[2]Wifi and wired internet connections are alternatives if available.