Data Logging

The primary purpose of CloudDLS is to provide you with your field sensor readings whenever and wherever you’d like. Your data is posted automatically and daily to a Google Drive and shared with you. The data may be in excel, csv or scipy format and includes both raw and scaled values. You may share data files with whomever you like using Google Drive’s convenient sharing. You may also generate within minutes a data file with the most recent samples via our web interface.

Sample Data Logs

daily weekly monthly

Data Reporting

Graphs and charts are an indispensable tools for understanding your data. We provide custom daily, weekly and monthly reports that, like data files, are posted automatically to Google drive for you to examine and share. Also, you may use our web interface to generate within minutes a report with the most recent data.

Sample Data Reports

daily weekly monthly

Realtime Alerts

Another benefit CloudDLS provides is to alert you immediately via SMS or email whenever an exceptional condition exists in the field. Our alerts are highly configurable. They can be triggered via hard limit or rate of change. Permitted time windows may be specified for low priority informative alerts. Dynamic alarms, which learn over time, may be specified. How often a condition is checked, and the maximum number of alerts to generate within a certain time window are also configurable. This high degree of configurability makes our alerts more meaningful. See the Case Study for examples of how alerts are used.

Web Interface

Since the cloud data logging unit in the field is connected 24/7 to the internet, you have live access to it whenever and wherever you’d like. Our web interface gives you complete control over all configurable parameters.


Behind the scenes, we use proven Amazon and Google cloud technologies to communicate with the field cloud data logger unit (CloudDLU), store your data, and provide web interfaces. Our network protocol to communicate with CloudDLUs gives highest priority to bandwidth conservation and reliability. We maintain cloud servers in two distinct regions, US west coast and east coast, to ensure your data makes it to the cloud even given rare cloud site outages. Your data is stored indefinitely in our cloud database, with redundant copies on the west and east coast, Your data is stored for at least 2 months on Google Drive and may be copied to your own Google Drive or local drive as an additional backup.

M2M Cellular Data Plans

An internet connection with the field unit is required to provide all the services just described. In most installations, a 3G cellular data connection fulfills this requirement.[1] Typically, sensor readings are made at most every few minutes[2] and lower cost low data bandwidth M2M plans may be used. Furthermore, our protocols to communicate with the cloud are designed to conserve data as well as be robust even when cell coverage is marginal. Our cloud data logger unit comes with a 3G modem when required, and we can include an appropriate M2M data plan as part of a monthly service package.


We provide engineering and programming services on an hourly basis for small jobs. We provide engineering and programming services on a contract basis for larger projects. Please contact us about any ideas or needs you have.


[1]Wifi and wired internet connections are alternatives if available.
[2]Sampling 8 channels every 30 seconds is the highest rate supported.